The Department of Laboratory Animal Science founded in December, 1984. This department has about 80 personnel in total, including high-title researchers, technicians, and senior laboratory animal feeders and technicians. We are in line with the working principles that are “teaching and researching services-focused, assuring qualified and sufficient laboratory animal provision and all-directional laboratory animal services”, strives to work and make the department to be the important foundation and service platform for the health science in teaching and researching. This department has its own offices, logistical rooms, SPF Animal Laboratory, SPF Animal Breeding Room, Conventional Animal Laboratory and Laboratory Animal Research Laboratory.

  • SPF/VAF-level laboratory animal supply, currently including ICR Mice, KM Mice, C57BL/6J Mice, Nude Mice, transgenic and gene knock-out rats and SD rats and etc., totally more than 30 strains. And the supply can reach 20,0000 every year;
  • Assist in doing animal laboratory with all research room and subsidiary hospitals, and provide all-directional breeding management and technical support for laboratory animal in laboratory period;
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        Zhenhui Zheng, Research Scientist, Director

      Tel.: 86-10-82802350, Fax: 86-10-82801488,


            Address: Department of Laboratory Animal Science, Peking University Health Science Center, Xueyuan Road No.38, Haidian District, Beijing       

            Postal code: 100191