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  • SPF/VAF-level laboratory animal supply, currently including ICR Mice, KM Mice, C57BL/6J Mice, Nude Mice, transgenic and gene knock-out rats and SD rats and etc., totally more than 30 strains. And the supply can reach 20,0000 every year;
  • Assist in doing animal laboratory with all research room and subsidiary hospitals, and provide all-directional breeding management and technical support for laboratory animal in laboratory period;
  • Accept the commission from related organizations on campus and off. Independently assume and finish related animal laboratory work in toxicology, pharmacology, oncology, pathophysiology and some other aspects;
  • Quarantine procedures, conservation and related services that newly introduced for laboratory animal from home and abroad;
  • Purifying and updating work for laboratory animal;
  • Teaching í░Laboratory Animal Scienceí▒ in Graduate School
  • In-service training for personnel related with laboratory animal and animal laboratory

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